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TSOP56/48 NOR/NAND Clip Adapters for the FlashcatUSB xPort

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You are going to need the xPort, the 360-Clip kit 48pins BLUE, the "TSOP48 NAND 360 (Type B) Adapter" and if you don't have a way to supply 3.3v you will also need the "Power Supply Adapter" from: https://zeigren.github.io/FlashcatUSB-xPort-Clip-Adapters/

Note: I think the Zeigren boards may need additional soldering of the pin headers (they come as pictured,) you may want to request he do this for you if you don't have a soldering iron or soldering skills.
Hi ricktendo

Thank you for your response. I can easilly supply 3,3v, so I have no problem for this. Can you show me the way connect 3,3v to the xPort??

Can you send me the picture to sold the pins?? I think will have no problem, but better to sold them correctly. Thank you.

Then I have to buy three devices from different suppliers. I can buy them in USA or in Spain. Where is better to buy each one?? Cheaper delivery??

Many thanks for all
OK if you have a bench power supply then you can skip the adapter board, you supply the 3.3v to the Zeigren board via the voltage input pins


Also check out the videos on his Youtube channel, it will give you an idea of how the adapter boards work

As for shipping, the Zeigren and xPort are shipped from the U.S. so I assume its cheaper to ship locally, the 360 clips are from China (or somewhere in Asia) so it may be the same or cheaper to ship to Spain.


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It is for a new project I have on mind for this year. Clone an Arris TG2492s, there is no SPI flash. I can only detect on board a Toshiba tc58nvg0s3htai0.
You can see photos at this link.

I find in Aliexpress this another 360 Clíp for NOR NAND FLASH with 48 pin.

The one you send me is a 32 pin. Is it the same?? Works both with this flashes and the xPort programmer??

Thank you. I appreciate your knowledge and recommendations.
Your Aliexpress link is not working so I cannot say for sure, it says 32 pins (actually 22 pins) but its for 48 pin nand flash, the other pins are not used or connected so there is no reason for them.


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Can you detect the SPI flash in link and photos I send you?? I can only see the Toshiba flash.
You could also use that Uni clip but you will have to buy a different Zeigren breakout board, I have both these but I have not had as much success as I do with the 360 clip and Zeigren board I listed for you previously

You may be correct, there appears to be no SPI chip on the board as this is still docsis 3.0 (only docsis 3.1 tend to come with the two types of flash)



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Thank you, ricktendo. I follow your recommendations and contact you if I have any problem.