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TSOP56/48 NOR/NAND Clip Adapters for the FlashcatUSB xPort

I have been searching for a solderless nand/nor clip solution for the FCUSB for some time now, that day has finally arrived!


Note: You will need to purchase the solderless clip adapters separately, info can be found on http://www.360-clip.com/
I have had success ordering clips from this website: https://www.ic2005.com/shop/

You can use the following:
360-Clip kit 48pins BLUE
UNI-Clip 48pin (Green)
UNI-Clip 56pin (Yellow)
E3 NOR Clip (you can find these on ebay)
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Very cool , i see this guy makes his adapters as well ...

Have you tried it in circuit yet on a device ?
Have you tried it in circuit yet on a device ?
I don't have mine yet so I cant say, will order them today. Here is a quote from developer on in circuit tests he preformed (I will ask if he can be more specific)

I have tested the ones I could in circuit, which are all the ones that work with PS3 NORs and NANDs. But considering that those work in circuit the other ones should as well.