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Support for js28F256 memory

Hi , i have a thomson tg784N ,
The flash is an JS28F256 :

And Blackcat detects it as "not supported chip" :
the id that blackcat receives is 0x808080 REMS:0x8080 :

Any help with this ?
I already did that without any success .
!st thing i tested was ejtag because there was the processor in the middle for communication between firmware and blackcat , but i got no results .
So i try SPI instead and i retrieve some data , the curious thing was that i received multiple ids from the chip , and that made me wonder .
Anyway , i am trying other options here to see if it works .
The pinout that i used for connecting with this device are a bit different from the old pcb that this device used :
In this picture :

the pins i used are almost in similar order as the old pcb (lower picture in image)
the order i used was :

1 - NC
2 - NC
3 - TCK
4 - TMS
5 - GND
6 - TDO
7 - TDI
8 - NC

i injected an additional 3,3v in the serial port .
This is when i got that ID from blackcat .
But SPI mode is when you connect directly to the flash chip , so those reading are mostly wrong .
I will do a different test here when i get some material i ordered .
Different test but same result .
Pinout of the jtag is correct , SPI gives me multiples IDS when i restart the device (modem) , until the device finishes loading the internal firmware i recieve at least 4 IDS .
jtag option does not establish a communication with the CPU !!!!
Is blackcat able to communicate with BCM6358 CPU ?