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SBG6580 connected!

Hello I'm having trouble getting my blackcat programmer to detect sbg6580. Its says blackcat detected
detected spi device but its not currently supported. I'm using flashcat 330 with spi 3.05 firmware
and blackcat pcb 1.2 programmer
I hook it up like if it was a sb6120 just the isp spot is diffrent I have so-16 adapter so i did not solder on to the chip flashcat says it detected the chip but unsupported I was thinking the blackcat usb pcb1.2 did not support or I'm wrong "I programmed over 5 sb6120 spi mode with no problems" Is there something I have to do before I open flashcat Like the sb6120 I have to wait 30 secs before I plug the programmer and the isp then I run Flashcat
Also I notice in flashcat in the menu it has a option to turn on vcc pin on but its not checked does that need to be checked
If I hooked it up incorrectly it will say no flash deceted because i moved one of the wires off from it just to see what it says

You have to forget the SB6120...

See the image! Don't have mistery!
Make connections, plug BC in USB,
power on the modem and run the sw
of the BC USB! Is very easy!

The VCC pin of the BCUSB, you connect
to ISP pin of the modem (see photo).

Ok thanks I will try a newer version blackcat usb and see what happens because mine pcb v 1.2 is not working with it and all the connections are good and vcc to isp is good I even used external power and ground to the chip and unplugged the isp same thing I will post photos later with my connections but thanks for the response


Staff member
The SPI connections to the chip are the same , and in the first post you can see where Lamp has provided the ISP point.
Great! Thanks!
I can get telenet log to sb5101 by putty-telenet-run, but I can't get the telenet log by putty-ssh-run for sb6120 with alpha installed. Am I did something wrong?


Staff member
I dont think there is an ISP point been found in that model yet , The one Lamp posted was for the 6580. You will have to use power onto the VCC pin of the chip to gain access to the flash of this model.
so from the picture it looks like you connect the isp to D1009? I can't find it on my sbg6580 I'm guessing that's an older model because R160 but it doesn't look like the one in the picture