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I need a script for the tg862


New Member
I need a script for the tg862 modem to be used on blackcatusb Pro.
help me thanks.
Disclaimer: I know this is a bcusb forum so forgive the usbjtag ref

You can use your flashcat usb to read the full flash, the usbjtag software to open this full flash and edit it... Then you use your flashcat usb again to flash the full flash.

I will attach the usbjtag config files, or if somebody knows how to create a fcusb script these configs will have the layout of the upper and lower flash chips.



Staff member
I have no issue with links to other forums , so long as it helps people out

I am working on getting a working format for scripts with the latest functions , and once i have that i will post a tutorial on how people can do it themselves , unfortunately as my normal job requires me to travel to different countries , my time is limited to work on this , but it is on the todo list...