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Getting multiple ids from same chip

In the past (2 years ago) i was able to do an spi extraction over this chip with blackcat , today i tryed again without success .
For every refresh i make i get a different id of the chip .
The image shows everything from the log to the connections i made to the chip , and chip model .

Anyone have an idea of what is the issue ?
I am using backcat 1.2 version .
Ok , now i get the same id from these versions : RC17.350 , RC18.362 , RC19.365
problably i had a bad contact on the chip and that was the reason why i was getting multiples ids .

However , versions 390 & 392 start giving me multiples ids of the chips , and i did not disconnected the socket while i was testing all versions .


this chip datasheet is : http://html.alldatasheet.com/html-pdf/210795/SPANSION/S25FL128P/3130/8/S25FL128P.html

The id is 80080

can someone give me an help configuring the manual spi settings ?
Basically what i need is to detup chip size


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Those are the completely wrong values for a JEDEC ID , so even manually setting the settings will not help. I have checked from Build 370 and it contains that specific chip in it's database, so you could try build 370 or even build 425 as i know these still work on V1.2.

Are you trying to read the chip whilst in circuit or do you have it removed as standalone ?
i am reading it in the circuit .
I already did this in the past , but i dont remember the version i used .


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On the first versions of fcusb , we had issues with the voltage , so make sure you have it set to 5v on fcusb, also try from build 370 up as i know that flash is definitely in the database from them builds.
Versions 390 , 392 , 371 , 408 , 460,464 just give me the id code and do not detect automatically the chip .

800080 is the id i get .
I would like to set the SPI values manually , from some tests i made here , some data was extracted , but i need to set the chip total size so i can read it all , and i am stuck in that part .
I use a second power supply 3,3V to power up the chip connected to black cat power points .
Blackcat itself does not have enough power to startup the chip on its circuit .


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The JEDEC ID you need to see for that chip is 01 2018 , so manually inputting the settings without having the proper ID shown on the console tab of the software , will not be of much use to you as the data you read will not be correct
Output from 408 version at 5v with external power supply in parallel with blackcat
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Are you able to get a SPI detection on any other chip with your v1.2 , just to verify that there is no issue with your programmer
wait . i believe i can test with another device .
I will let you know in 20 or 30 minutes .
I am running a windows 7 64bit , last time i did this i was running XP 32bit , i must test it in a XP to see if i get the same results .
I will test in a local VM here
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well , there is definitively something wrong , but at this point i do not know if it is the blackcat pcb or the socket that i have connected to the chip .
I have to try to connect to this chip with my tiao over linux so i can get into conclusions .
However , i believe that it could be the socket .
IT could be also the lenght of the cables , these ones i am using now are 10cm longer .
I have to do multiple tests here .
I will let you all know how it went when i get it done .
I used my blackcat 1.x pcb 3 or 4 times , i have serious doubts that it may have some issue .
I also notice that from blackcat SPI firmwares version to version there are changes in the output of the results .
Personally i do not agree that latest tool does not allow pcb 1.x version , this looks like microsoft when they want to sell a new version of windows by force by not making updates to the old versions .


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One of the main reason v1.x was discontinued especially with the version you have is that is has the old at90usb chip on it , and that does not contain enough space for the new firmware that keeps getting added..... there are various other reasons for the others ,,, feel free to contact the developer if you have a problem with this.
Finally i was able to read the chip properly , i believe that the issue is related with mixing 3.3V from blackcat with the external power supply .
So i removed the VCC from blackcat and connected in parallel the GND between the 2 power supplies .
I used version 371 .

Last note , if everything is connected right then the power led of the device will light up


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Are you talking about the LED's on fcusb ?
If so then the red led will power up as soon as there is power to the board , and the blue one will light up when you start the software
No , i mean the led on the device where blackcat is connected .
On this device : Huawei HG8012H , its power led light up as soon as i insert the soc support on the chip with the 3,3V .
If the led its up on the device then it is ok , however on other devices with other memories that case was not applied , but i was able to extract the firmware .


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It varies , sometimes when power is applied form a JTAG /SPI connection , it is possible that it can send power back up the system to power some stuff , like in your case the LED for the power
yup , the other times i try to connect the blackcat and when i got multiples ids from the chip , the led was off on the target device .
IF user is doing an spi extraction on the chip only (without be connected to the main circuit) , then there is not need for external supply , but if the user i reading the chip inside the main router , then an external power supply is needed , because blackcat is unable to feed the whole circuit where the chip are , or at least the components connected to that chip pin .
Basically what happens is that without the external power supply and with the limited current of blackcat , the 3,3v goes down to 1V , and this is why i got those errors .

However , i had to put GND in parallel between power supplies , so blackcat could get the signals properly .
Without the GND connected in parallel with blackcat , then blackcat was unable to understand the data retrieved because it was not from its GND .

I did already this operation before , and i believe i asked some help from you , i tough i had the firmware stored here , but since i installed W7 64bit 2 months ago i problably deleted by mistake the last firmware extracted .
I am leaving all the details i did not on my posts , in case i need them in future .
This way , i just need to get here and follow the procedures i wrote here .
Last time i did not mention the version of the software and that GND only connection , this is why i took so much time to get it working again .
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