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Flashing with FCU Pro to mx25u12873f trouble/help needed


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Trying to flash the chip on my Motherboard mx25u12873f

It seems to have trouble writing to some blocks.

Doing verify programing ends up with it stopping at the same point every time which is right after the start

If I choose to ignore it will keep having problems for a while, but eventually gets to some sections that it can write and verify no problem.

Using program 525_30818

This is the console clip:

Connected to FlashcatUSB Pro, firmware version: 1.25
Voltage set to: 1.8V
Attempting to detect SPI device (auto-detect mode)
Unable to detect compatible SPI device (Port A)
Successfully opened device in SPI mode
Connected to SPI Flash (RDID:0xC22538 REMS:0xC238)
Flash detected: MXIC MX25U12873F (16,777,216 bytes)
Page erase size: 65,536 bytes
Detected SPI Flash on low-speed SPI port
Setting SPI clock to: 2 MHz
Opened file for writing: AB350NGW.F22, (size: 16,777,216 bytes)
Target Flash address: 0x00000000, bytes to write: 16,777,216 bytes
Address 0x20000: wrote 0xAA and read 0xFF (29073 mismatches)
Address 0x20000: wrote 0xAA and read 0xFF (29523 mismatches)
Address 0x20000: wrote 0xAA and read 0xFF (29558 mismatches)
Data verification failed at 0x20000

Reading another thread I tried to go to FCUSB_PRO_BETA_140, which may still be the solution, but when I start it, it tries to update the flash to the FCU Pro and doesn't seem to be able to complete because it turns the USB off.

I have switched from the 525 drivers to the BETA_140 drivers but I still have write verification failures at the same point.

Not sure what to do at this point, I'm sure its something simple.

P.S. I'm using the SOP8 clip from that I bought with the FCU Pro.


Sounds like a VCC issue. PORT B does not supply that much VCC. You may try and use the VCC from PORT A. Or use FCUSB 2.2 which has 1000mA of VCC. If you contact EC, they can provide you with a free FCUSB PCB 2.2 (if you can provide shipping).


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Nothing comes up when I use the other port.

When I switched back to the B port I was still getting nothing. Inspected the clip and the ground lead (pin 4) slid off....

Going to go through the whole thing and make sure everything is right.


Please contact EmbeddedComputers and have your programmed updated to PCB 4.0. This will solve all your problems.